Russian Trade Organization / RTO established in 2015 as a wholesale supplier of cereals, grain mill products (including wheat flour), sugar raw products and sugar production to agricultural and industrial enterprises and organizations of the Russian Federation.

      Russian Trade Organization (RTO) is a Holding Group Company in Russia - Turkey.

    Russian Trade Organization / RTO owns the hoppers (the hoppers-dispensers), grain. Russian Trade Organization is the smallest sea freight between port Novorossiysk and the port of Samsun
Shipped agriproducts from Russian Federation:

  • milling wheat and feed wheat,
  • yellow corn,
  • feed barley,
  • green lentils,
  • oats,
  • chickpeas,
  • sugar production,
  • flax seeds
  • and other goods.

   Russian Trade Organization (RTO) the court is actively using the port for exports-imports in Turkey: Samsun - Stambul - Izmir - Banderma - Mersin - Isekenderun.
   Russian Trade Organization (RTO) will always strive to provide superior service and approach to Turkish Customers by offering an uninterrupted supply of agricultural products from the Russian Federation.
   Our organization RTO is always striving to be ahead of the competition, establishing strategic alliances, offering flexible terms of cooperation for our regular Customers.


   We are always glad to cooperate with our regular Customers!